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Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

Medal of Appreciation

The SAR Medal of Appreciation is presented to a member of the DAR in good standing in recognition of and in appreciation for outstanding services rendered to the SAR. The award recognizes assistance in forming new SAR chapters, obtaining a specific number of new SAR members or otherwise significantly aiding the SAR programs.

The recipient of this award for the 2020 is Patricia R. Fry.


Patricia R. Fry

Pat began attending meetings of the Delaware Crossing Chapter SAR with her husband Dewey Fry soon after he became a member in December 2001. Soon after he became Membership Committee Chairman and she began to verbal refer men for membership. She continues in the role to date. As Dewey assumed more offices in the chapter she continued her support of him in his office duties and with the Color Guard. Dewey became a member of the GWBC Planning Committee in 2006. In 2007 he became the Invitations Committee Chair for the GWBC Planning Committee, as such his duty was to guide the design invitation and RSVP Card, obtain mailing data for SAR Members of local Kansas and Missouri Chapter, prepare and mail the Invitations. Pat help him by stuffing, labeling, sealing and mailing the invitations. She has done this for at least 8 of the last 12 years. In addition helped to being primary in the decorating of the head table with bunting which started in 2011, Pat has performing other tasks for the George Washington Birthday Celebration, especially during the 8 years that her husband was General Chairman of the Planning Committee. 

In March of 2007 the Delaware Crossing Chapter awarded her the Martha Washington Medal for all she had done for the chapter. 

Pat helped DAR ladies decorate the dinner meeting room at the 2013 Annual Conference of the National Society Sons of American Revolution in Kansas City 

In March of 2016 the Delaware Crossing Chapter awarded her the Lydia Darragh Medal for assisting President Brian Revard with his duties, much as his spouse would have.

Pat helped her husband make a float of a trailer for parades to primarily support those who could no longer walk. She drove the truck pulling the float in parade in Shawnee, Ottawa and Overland Park behind the SAR Color Guard.

She continues her support, which she has done for at least 15 years, of the SAR Chapter and State Color Guards by helping to breakdown flags and put them in bags for transportation after many Color Guard events and providing the water and sometimes snacks after events such as parades. She also made the bags in which they are stored and transport for both the Delaware Crossing Chapter and the Kansas Society.

For her support of the Color Guard she was awarded the Molly Pitcher Medal in 2018 by the Kansas Society, no record indicated and no one could remember the award be presented by the Kansas Society before. 

After many years of researching her genealogy and with the persistence and aid of Mary Frisch, Pat became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution on 5 November 2017.