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Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.Congratulations everyone on a wonderful party 2020! See you next year.

SAR / CAR Medal of Appreciation


The Bronze SAR / CAR Medal of Appreciation is presented to a member of the C.A.R. or SAR in good standing in recognition of and in appreciation for outstanding services rendered to a local C.A.R. Society. The award may recognize assistance in promoting C.A.R. members that qualify to obtain SAR memberships, C.A.R. members who participate in the State Society Annual Meetings or at the National Congress, C.A.R. members who have otherwise significantly aided SAR programs, or SAR members and C.A.R. Senior Leaders who have supported or served a state or local C.A.R. Society.

Two recipients of this award for 2020 are: 

Andrea Jacques, President of the KansaS State Society Children of the American Revolution

Peter Doole, President of the Missouri State Society Children of the American Revolution


Andrea Jacques Project

Andrea's Presidential Project is support of KSDS Assistance Dogs, Inc. Their Mission is “To provide professionally trained guide, service, and facility dogs for people in need of a canine partner to enhance their independence, to fully function in society, and/or to enrich their professional career responsibilities with the ongoing support of our trainers to ensure proficient working partnerships.”

KSDS began as Kansas Specialty Dog Service and was incorporated as a non-profit with assistance from the State of Kansas Department of Rehabilitation Services and additional support from individual donors. KSDS has celebrated over 25 years of service and has placed over 550 assistance teams.

Located in Washington, Kansas, the KSDS campus includes the Administration Building, Canine Housing Unit, East Training Building, West Training Building, Agility Center, and student housing in our six-plex and duplex.

The estimated cost of each dog placement is in excess of $25,000. However, other than the initial $25.00 application fee, training is provided at no cost to the applicant.

Their training program includes training of puppies from days after birth to be service dogs. The puppies that qualify go to advanced training at 18 to 20 months of age.

Peter Doole's Project


Every State Society President of the C.A.R. is to have a Project. Peter Doole’s Project is to promote the restoration of the historic Banneker School through the Banneker School Foundation and Historic Site. The School was nominated in August 1995 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The school was the first school for black students in Platte County; it was built in the fall of 1885. The school was named after Benjamin Banneker a onetime slave, who lived in Maryland, who bought his freedom and then significantly campaigned to free all slaves. Children of freed slaves and others attended Banneker School in grades 1 through 8.

It is the mission of the Banneker School Foundation to restore the school to its originally construction then develop it as a museum.

The school is located 4th St and Main St in Parkville. Apparently it is one of only two schools still remaining that were built in Missouri to educate black students per the then Missouri law requiring segregation of students.

Peter will display his Project at the Share Fair of the George Washington Birthday Celebration on February 22, 2020. He will be honored with the SAR/CAR Bronze Medal of Appreciation during the Celebration.